Pitta Dosha: Fire + Water

Are you that natural leader, driven, organised person? Do you thrive in business, sports, science, and everything achievement-oriented? Do you love managing, planning, and competing? Then, chances are you are mostly a Pitta dosha. Do you want to know what does this mean? Keep reading to find out!

Pitta is the fiery dosha. It is comprised of fire and water, so it represents transformation. The qualities of Pitta are hot, sharp, liquid, oily, light, fleshy, and spreading. It locates in the heart, stomach, liver, and blood.

This dosha takes care of transformation in your body, so it is in charge of functions such as digestion, body temperature, metabolism, or sight.

Physically, Pitta people have a medium frame built and an athletic body, with good muscular development. They are neither short nor tall and have oily skin and hair.

Their appetite is strong and consistent, becoming “hangry” and irritable if they don’t eat when their stomach starts to rumble.

Pittas have a strong stamina and love winning, so they are drawn towards challenging, competitive sports, such as Ashtanga Vinyasa yoga, triathlons, or weight-lifting.

When in balance, Pitta people are very organised and driven. They love scheduling and pursuing their goals and do well with structure.

They like to compete and to be the best in everything they do, which can lead to perfectionism and burnout.

Pittas are very focused, and they always have a thousand things on their to-do list that they must get done as soon as possible.

They hate the sense of losing time and can be very impatient and irritable with others, losing their temper when they see that people don’t get done as much or as quickly as they do.

That’s why, sometimes they hurt the feelings of the sensitive Vatas and the peaceful Kaphas.

People with a predominant Pitta dosha enjoy managing, leading and analysing. They make the best businessmen, professional athletes, brokers, lawyers, scientists, managers, policemen, etc.

They tend to be very structured and punctual people and are more connected with their solar plexus chakra.

Pittas love to achieve, and they don’t jump to another task unless they have completed the current one.

They have lots of sustainable energy, but they often work until the point of exhaustion since they can't rest before completing all of their tasks.

Pittas need to take quality sleep and incorporate more slow, cooling practices into their daily routines, such as meditation, restorative yoga, or relaxing breathwork (such as Nadi Shodanam, Sheetali or Brahmari).

They should focus on eating cooling, mild, and dry foods and avoid anything hot and spicy. For a list of Pitta pacifying foods, check out this post.

When unbalanced, they can be too critical, impatient, angry, controlling, jealous, irritable, competitive, narrow-minded, stubborn, bossy, and demanding, blaming others for their problems.

Physically imbalanced Pittas can suffer from diarrhoea, excess hunger, burnout, reflux, acidity, acne, rashes, hives, inflammation, ulcers, adrenal fatigue, excess heat, or fever.

Hence, if you have a Pitta constitution or you are experiencing imbalances in this dosha, you must take time to rest and disconnect from work. Eat whenever you feel hungry, and consume foods that are cooling, mild, and dry.

Does it sound like you? Take my Ayurvedic dosha quiz to find out which percentage of Pitta do you have.

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