About me


My name is Belem and I am very happy to have you here

My mission is to help you go back to balance and regain your energy, so you can create the life that you have always wanted.

To achieve this I have created the Tula Movement, a combination of the ancient wisdom of Yoga and Ayurveda with a modern approach to the Mediterranean diet.


The Sanskrit word "Tula" literally means "balance". Because I firmly believe that, once you meet the unique needs of your body and mind and live in harmony with your environment, you are able to create everything you set your mind to.

I had a "conscious health" awakening

I have always loved cooking, eating vegetables, and coming up with healthy versions of traditional recipes. But when I started college and moved to a dorm, the diet was very different from what I was used to eating back home.


All the refined carbohydrates, excess meat, and sugar, together with a lack of fiber and healthy fats, caused an imbalance throughout my body. My digestion shut down, I had a stomach ache and I felt bloated after every meal. I was suffering from constipation, and my skin became dry, dull, and broke out. My period disappeared for more than two years, I felt tired and hungry all the time. And my energy levels were too low to keep up with the active lifestyle that I had as a student.

 I  knew that all my health issues were related to the dietary changes I had been forced to make. So I started reading about alternative ways to feed myself and cure these ailments holistically. And that’s when I came across with Ayurveda. The connection to this ancient Indian medical science was love at first sight. I understood that the cause of it all was that I had a Vata imbalance (i.e. there was an excess of air within my body).


I understood then that I had to change my diet and lifestyle completely if I wanted to heal. So I started cooking warm, nutritious, and easy-to-digest meals, full of spices to increase my internal heat, and with lots of vegetables and healthy fats (which my body had been starving for).


Furthermore, I introduced yoga asanas in order to calm my overactive mind and strengthen my body, which helped me to sleep better and to increase my energy. 


Within two months of embracing this new way of living, I restored balance in my body and mind. I recovered my energy, reconnected with myself, and regained control of my life. And my life and relationships were completely transformed

Instead of surviving, I started to fully live 

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That’s why I decided to become a certified Holistic Health Coach specialized in Gut Health. And I traveled to India in order to learn more about Ayurveda and to become an Ashtanga Vinyasa and Hatha yoga teacher, so I can share with you my passion for health and #ThisTulaLife.


A lifestyle that has transformed my life, teaching me that, when you are in balance with yourself and with your environment it is possible to do and become everything you have ever dreamed of.

Go back to balance

recover your energy

reconnect with yourself

regain your life's power