The kind of yoga that I teach


My classes are mainly divided into two modalities, Ashtanga Vinyasa and Hatha. These are the two main currents of yoga, and from which all the others come from (such as Vinyasa Flow, Rocket Yoga, etc.). I did my teacher training in India, the birthplace of yoga, where I had the opportunity of embracing its philosophy and the yogic lifestyle at all levels.


Sometimes in my classes I like to incorporate more fluid sequences of movements, which slightly differ from 100% traditional yoga. However, I never lose sight of the main goal of yoga, which is to silence the thoughts of our mind so that we can experience liberation. That is why I always include elements like mantras in Sanskrit, mudras, or meditation.


Ashtanga Vinyasa

This type of dynamic yoga focuses on the connection between the movement and the breath, interlacing the different asanas.


Of the six series that make up the Ashtanga Vinyasa method, I like to focus on the first series, called Yoga Chikisa (Yoga Therapy).


This series focuses on detoxifying the body and eliminating toxins through sweat. It works on the spine since it is the first step to have a flexible body.



Hatha Yoga works with the solar (masculine) and lunar (feminine) energies. Its purpose is to balance both of them, so they can flow within the body and through the chakras. 

It is a strengthening kind of yoga, which makes it the most suitable for beginners (although it also has advanced poses). 

Hatha is more static, hence not as dynamic as Ashtanga Vinyasa, because poses are held longer. The challenge here is focusing on the breath and the channeling of energy.


Hatha / Ashtanga

Tula Yoga Individual

Private yoga classes tailored to your body and goals

Have you ever felt intimidated in a yoga class? Like you are not flexible enough? Strong enough? That you can't follow the teacher's instructions because you don't understand the asanas' names? Or that you do not know how to enter and exit the poses?

Usually, in group classes teachers can't pay as much attention to every pupil as we would like to. That is why I have created this format of individual classes, 60 minutes where I will guide you, adjust your poses, and help you benefit the most from your yoga practice.


A prior call to know your level, objectives, medical history, etc. is required.

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Tula Yoga Group

Classes for groups of between 4 and 15 people

On a constant basis I do not teach group classes in any yoga studio (at least for now). 


However, I usually include them in most of my events and retreats. So you are welcome to join me and enjoy my yoga classes there!  


However, if you are a group of minimum 4 people, reach out to me and we can discuss the possibility of a private group class. And if you own a yoga studio and you would like me to teach there, do not hesitate to contact me either. 

* Email me for more information and rates.